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August 16.2017, 3:38pm

The Ultimate Guide to Planning a New Office

Identify the Key Drivers A new office environment will have a considerable impact on your organisation. You will need a clear understanding of the influences on the change as well as your expected outcomes. From here you are equipped to move forward in the process of creating your new workspace. Before considering the design, location...

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August 15.2017, 4:00pm

Your Secret Weapon for Achieving Competitive Advantage.

A cross departmental resource, the reception team very often forms the heart of the organisation, establishing the first point of contact for prospective clients and partners & setting pace for company culture.   Some days its seems as if everything happens at once, the phones are buzzing, a large group of visitors arrive at once...

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August 10.2017, 4:23pm

How Visitor Management Benefits a Multi-Tenant Office Building

We have all seen a multi-tenant office building, whether it’s the new 104 floor World Trade Center in New York City or the 5th-floor office you work in.  Many of these buildings house a multitude of different businesses.  This begs the question, how do you manage visitors & contractors that come on-site when you share...

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August 09.2017, 2:11pm

What HEI’s Need to Know About Cloud Security

There’s no question that the evolving needs of modern institutions are complex – becoming more social, mobile and connected are essential for aligning the HEI with the modern day student. As a result, many institutions are taking a closer look at existing on-premise student information systems to see if they can keep pace with today’s demands. ...

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August 09.2017, 8:34am

Achieve Operational Efficiencies & Boost ROI

Growing competition and a more global customer mindset are forcing organisations to look more closely at how they can achieve operational efficiencies while improving ROI. Leveraging digital business transformation technologies for improved operational efficiencies.   There are many ways in which your organisation can leverage technology to improve productivity. Advances in computing, data management and automation...

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August 04.2017, 9:04am

5 Useful Tools That Help Facility Managers Better Understand What’s Going On In The Workplace

Energy Monitoring Systems Like a conductor directs an orchestra, facility managers play a key role in coordinating and maintaining functions in buildings, keeping them energy-efficient and sustainable. Energy used in buildings is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide and in Europe, the energy used in buildings is more than that used by either the transport...

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July 28.2017, 1:14pm

5 Bottom Line Benefits of a Digital Visitor Management System

An electronic version of the traditional visitor sign-in book, digital visitor management systems offer more than just a positive visitor experience. Benefits to having an electronic visitor management system over a manual visitor sign-in book include increased data accuracy, better reporting, faster check-in and the ability to add a photo to a visitor badge. Despite...

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July 25.2017, 1:13pm

Improve University Student Retention with an Early Intervention Strategy

One in six third-level students – or 6,200 a year – are dropping out of their college courses during their first year, according to the latest official figures from the Higher Education Authority for Ireland. The dropout rates are highest in construction, computer science and engineering courses, especially those offered at Institutes of Technology. The...

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July 25.2017, 10:25am

5 Steps to Maximising Your Office Security

You’ve secured your premises against theft with high resolution CCTV, installed top of the range access control and mitigate against cyber threats with a robust cyber security strategy, but have you taken steps to ensure your visitor processes support and enhance security measures on-site?   To help you make the most of your security systems,...

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July 19.2017, 3:10pm

Supporting Student Success: A Culture of Belonging

With extensive research over the past two decades on the factors contributing to student retention and attribution, HEI’s are turning their attention towards community building in an effort to boost student persistence and success rates. Work on the subject of student retention by researcher  Vincent Tinto (1987) has highlighted the relationship between “the willingness of institutions...

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