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December 15.2017, 12:00pm

2018 Facility Management Predictions

As 2017 draws to a close our visitor team are already looking to the future with an exciting product roadmap in development for 2018. Our roadmap is designed with a watchful eye on the key industry trends our customers are set to experience in the year ahead. With this in mind here’s a look at...

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December 14.2017, 2:35pm

3 Reasons to Digitalise Your Visitor Experience

Streamline your visitor management system   Increase Efficiency The migration to digital has transformed the way organisations operate. Traditional paper systems have been phased out due to susceptibility to human error and the cost of resources. Automated processing offers structure and accountability to businesses to make procedures efficient and reliable.   Protect Your Assets At...

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December 12.2017, 12:33pm

TDS Visitor | Manage Group Check-In With Ease

  Hosting group events can cause some of the biggest challenges for your reception and security teams. Reception bottlenecks, missing paperwork and unaccounted for guests can prove detrimental to your brand’s image and security protocols. Not to worry, TDS Visitor has been specifically designed to tackle these challenges head-on with a host of clever product...

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December 08.2017, 3:53pm

Planning a New Office? Discover Unique Visitor Management Systems

Whether you’re expanding, relocating or trying to squeeze more out your existing square footage, office space planning means arranging functions, features, and furniture in a way that helps your company run best. You will want the transition to a new office to be as painless as possible for all involved, including your guests first impressions....

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December 08.2017, 9:58am

Supporting HR Initiatives with TDS Visitor

  Think a Visitor Management Solution only supports Facilities / Security initiatives? Think again! Providing real-time insights, customised workflows and supporting corporate branding initiatives, TDS Visitor can support recruitment and HR initiatives in your organisation.   For enterprise-scale clients recruiting the right resources can prove a time and cost intensive exercise. Recruitment agency fees can quickly add...

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December 06.2017, 12:20pm

Visitor Management & Access Control

  Visitor management and access control is now a process which is fully streamlined for everyone involved. Visitors and contractors can be granted access directly from the visitor management system. An access card, in the form of a visitor’s badge, is activated in the access system using the information entered into the visitor software. Security is maintained...

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November 30.2017, 5:00pm

Calculating the ROI of Visitor Management

You’ve research solutions available and have decided a Visitor Management solution is right for your organisation, but how do you share your enthusiasm internally and prioritise it with the appropriate stakeholders? As with all purchasing decisions, the key to the decision-making process will be the return on investment (ROI) offered. How will the solution add...

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November 24.2017, 2:30pm

How to protect your designs and avoid copyright infringement

Violations of creative ownership are on the increase. Whether it’s copyright breaches by commercial companies, or pitch work theft, occurrences of creative work being used without the owner’s permission are rampant and have been for many years. How can organisations take greater care in who is coming and going within their premises? Copyright is an...

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November 22.2017, 9:08am

Is Your Visitor Management System GDPR Ready?

The May 2018 deadline for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance is fast approaching. Your organisation may by now have taken steps to secure your digital network and strengthen your database against vulnerability, but have you factored in the potential threat posed by everyday processes such a visitor management?   Visitor books, both electronic and...

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November 16.2017, 9:49am

Communicate with Ease!

We know the secret to meeting success is communication and with a range of communication software integrations available, TDS Visitor will ensure your team never miss a visitor/meeting alert again!   From instant messaging to calendar alerts or email communications,  TDS Visitor makes notifying hosts of their visitors arrival a breeze. With communications integrations, your...

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