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October 13.2017, 2:44pm

The Digital Transformation – Transform Your Office Reception

Do you have heavy footfall through your business? Is everyone accounted for? If you have a new office or are rethinking your current reception situation you may want to factor in your technology requirements! Technology and IT systems are key to making sure your organisation runs smoothly. With a new office plan, you’ll need to determine what...

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October 12.2017, 10:40am

What are the benefits of a Visitor Management System?

Do you collect visitor data with an automated system? No? Maybe it’s time to start! An automated visitor management system will help you streamline your reception process and give you an accurate, up-to-date account of who visits your office. The benefits are: Fully automated check-in Register hosts Real-time updates Enhances visitor experience Back office support...

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October 12.2017, 9:17am

Are you UKVI compliant?

A Tier 4 General sponsor is given Probationary Sponsor status when it is first granted a licence. A Probationary Sponsor must demonstrate that it can fulfil its sponsorship duties, will continue to do so, and can be trusted to hold Tier 4 General Sponsor status. When a Probationary Sponsor applies for and passes its first...

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October 11.2017, 3:12pm

Managing visitors if you’re a multi-location business

Are you a company that attracts thousands of visitors to its facility sites around the globe every year? If so, you may require a seamless visitor management solution that can cater for the amount of visitors that are attracted to you around the globe on a yearly basis.  Companies need a secure system that can...

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October 10.2017, 11:25am

Building Your Brand with Digital Visitor Management

Image and experience play a critical role in the ongoing battle for customers and talent. A strong brand – a philosophy that defines everything your organisation does from customer expectations, product design and operating culture – can be the difference between blending in with the competition and standing out as a market leader.    A...

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October 06.2017, 2:49pm

Global Visitor Management – For Multi-Locational Facilities

Masters of multi-tasking, Facility and Security Managers for large multi-nationals can often feel stretched, managing multiple teams across multiple sites located many kilometres or even continents apart. When site security is critical, knowing who, when and where of visitor activity on-site needs to be available and on hand at all times. While the laws of...

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October 05.2017, 4:48pm

Free The Filing Cabinet – With Digital Forms from TDS Visitor

The digital age has revolutionised the way we use paper within the workplace, digital notepads have replaced sticky notes and emails have replaced physical mail yet many organisations continue to fill up filing cabinets with lengthy paper-driven processes such as visitor check-in. Upon arrival visitors and contractors are required to complete seemingly endless forms or...

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October 05.2017, 1:36pm

Student Retention and Higher Education

University student retention, is of increasing concern to college administrators as they try to improve graduation rates and decrease a loss of tuition revenue from students that either drop out or transfer to another school. If an international student drops out of university it can mean a loss of upwards of £30,000 in revenue per...

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October 04.2017, 3:42pm

The 5 W’s of Visitor Management

Investing in a high-end security system is a key part of managing on-site security, however, there are a number of simple and effective methods that you can use to reinforce system security. This layered approach to security management leads to safer, more secure working environments. Consider visitor management, from the moment your employees, contractors and...

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October 04.2017, 8:51am

Is your visitor management PCI compliant?

PCI DSS Requirement 9 requires that entities restrict physical access to cardholder data. It states, “Any physical access to data or systems that house cardholder data provides the opportunity for persons to access and/or remove devices, data, systems or hardcopies, and should be appropriately restricted.” Four main points to note are Visitor Management Procedure, Visitor...

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