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June 12.2017, 10:17am

5 Must Have Features for your Student Attendance Monitoring System

Placing ownership for attendance in the hands of students, student attendance monitoring systems encourage a better student experience and as a result maximise student potential. Taking a pro-active approach to student attendance monitoring allows universities to improve pastoral care, intervening at the first signs of disengagement. Providing access to real-time student attendance statistics, a fully automated...

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June 08.2017, 2:47pm

5 Features to Consider When Selecting A Visitor Management System

With each visitor management system unique to the site at which it is installed, there’s no “one size fits all” solution. However, there are several key features to look out for when choosing the solution that’s right for your organisation!     Integrated Security Designed to improve security by providing a digital record of who’s...

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May 29.2017, 11:30am

Bridging the Gap – An Integrated Approach to Security Management

In most organisations, the guard at the gates remains a separate operations entity to the cyber security team. At a technical level, the convergence of both physical and cyber security has already occurred yet most organisations continue to segregate the two at an organisational level.   This lack of integration between physical and cyber security...

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May 25.2017, 9:45am

Enemy at the Gates!

Physical data security is often a second thought when it comes to protecting an organisation’s intellectual property. High profile media stories surrounding cyber attacks have to lead to a significant update in the number of organisations implementing a robust cyber security strategy. While cyber risk management is a vital piece in protecting your organisation’s data,...

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May 22.2017, 4:19pm

Your First Line of Defence – Visitor Management Systems

Modern security management encompasses a variety of technologies that reduce the potential for external and internal threats.  As the first line of defence for your organisation, securing your reception area is critical to protecting your people, property & assets. An automated visitor management system will ensure you have full visibility and control of who can...

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May 19.2017, 2:26pm

The Rise of GSOC & Data Protection Teams

Data Protection has moved from the shadows to take centre stage in light of a changing legislative landscape (with the introduction of GDPR in May 2018) and the rising frequency and scale of cyber-attacks. A holistic view of data security incorporating both physical and cyber threat will be required to stay protected!   General Data...

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January 30.2017, 10:00am

Security in a Less Secure World

  The rising threat of terrorism and criminal activity over the past decade has created a shift in the security requirements of organisations worldwide. Access control has become the first line of defence against internal and external attacks, with many firms taking a layered approach to protecting their people, property and assets.   Faced with managing...

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January 20.2017, 12:12pm

6 Questions to Ask About Your Visitor Management System

If you are not currently collecting visitor data with an automated system, maybe it’s time to start! An automated visitor management system will help you streamline your reception process and give you an accurate, up-to-date account of who visits your office. Simply answer 6 short questions about managing visitors—if you find that you’re having some...

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January 10.2017, 3:18pm

How Access Technology Can Secure Your Organisation

Ensuring that appropriate measures are in place to protect critical assets is becoming increasingly important to modern organisations due to more awareness surrounding data protection and terrorism among other increased security risks. Digital solutions offer greater reliability than traditional human systems and have therefore become the preferred choice for organisations across all industries.   Merging...

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December 07.2016, 4:51pm

Why your Higher Education Institution needs a Student Attendance Monitoring System

Student attendance monitoring has become increasingly common in Higher Education practices. Allowing students to skip class undermines the sense of academic community that is so important to universities especially in fields where there is an emphasis on sharing ideas. It also undermines student’s own studies because it allows them to miss class if they haven’t...

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