TDS in the Government Industry

Trusted in providing safety and security to government buildings through industry specific, pioneering and multi-part enterprise access control solutions.

Government buildings require continuous security and safety monitoring. Our flexible and tailored security and safety system can achieve integration with the complex requirements of these facilities. Experienced in developing digital solutions that accommodate government officials, personnel and members of the public’s in their day to day activities as well as providing intelligent response to emergency scenarios.

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Associated Product Features

TDS Access

Comprehensive management of people leaving and entering Government buildings.

Allows security and management to have full visibility of all government representatives, staff and visitors in the building. This system provides data on users, badge status and movement throughout the facility as well as control of access rights. Developed to enhance security through accountability and optimised management of the flow of people

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TDS Visitor

Visitor management kiosks that streamlines access for members of the public and other visitors.

Designed to be user-friendly, these kiosks allow visitors to register their presence at governmental buildings. The kiosks can present non-disclosure agreements to users and be customised to print identification badges for guests which are compatible with current printing systems. These features support high levels of accountability and security with ease and efficiency.

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TDS Life Safety

Safety information panel that provides data on people in the building and displays safety information.

As individuals enter and leave busy government buildings, our system provides real time information regarding the number of people in the building to support safety and security management. The panel also offers information on the emergency response team for quick detection of individuals such as first aiders and fire marshals in the event of an emergency.

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Government Solutions

TDS provides solutions that optimise safety and security procedures for busy government Buildings.

Intelligent ID systems

Video Analytics

Emergency Evacuation Support

CCTV & Video Management

Turnstiles and Security Doors

What Our Customers Say
  • "It was essential for us to have a clear & simple system to operate. We were planning for the future and it was important for us to develop a strategy that reflected that and to work with an Irish company to achieve our goal. This visitor system is one which will work with us as we go forward & forms part of our future strategy"

    Thomas Hickey

    Deputy Head Usher

    House of Oireachtas

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