TDS for the Multinational Industry

Providing safety and security solutions designed to meet the multifaceted needs of global organisations.

As multinationals expand across the world, they are faced with different security needs in each area they integrate with. TDS is committed to growing to meet and exceed their needs through offering bespoke solutions to safety and security that can be customised to suit the range of requirements associated with global organisations. These range from systems that enhance visitor processing, ensure accountability of all personnel and supports management in the event of an emergency.

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Associated Product Features

TDS Access

Dashboard used to display information on all individuals in the building

Management and security can monitor the number of employees and guests in the building through a centralised digital system. The Dashboard can be used to control access rights of visitors, display badge status and produces reports that allow trends to be identified. This allows organisations to use technology to better understand and control their security and safety operations.

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TDS Visitor

Simple and effective visitor processing system

Uses advanced technology to process the large volume of visitors to multinational companies on a daily basis. Follow the simple process that this system offers to make the visitor experience efficient to all parties involved. Hosts can pre-register guests who will then receive a notification to prepare them for their visit. This can potentially save valuable administrative time for large organisations and also enables a smooth and intelligent process from start to finish.

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TDS Life-Safety

Safety information panel that offers real time data on all individuals in the building

Simple and useful information display which allows management to monitor the number of people currently in the facility. Individuals can be categorised into departments, contractors, visitors or any other relevant groups. This is important for security reasons so that resources can be managed effectively and to account for different personnel in emergency scenarios.

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Multinational Solutions

Flexible approach to technology that accommodates a range of needs across different environments.

Proximity and Biometric Access

Integrated Video Management

High Security Turnstiles

Ease of use Kiosks

Integrated electronic locks

What Our Customers Say
  • TDS Visitor has been successfully rolled out to Google offices world-wide, providing centralised visitor management across 225 cities in 52 countries!


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