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Accurately account for your staff in the event of an emergency with Digital Emergency Evacuation from TDS!
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TDS Life Safety

A fast-paced, accurate and proactive approach to emergency response, TDS Life-Safety is concerned with accurately accounting for all personnel in the event of an emergency. It’s a cutting-edge solution that delivers real-time on-site accountability, optimises rescue planning & management operations and embraces legislative health & safety compliance requirements.

Software Overview

Pioneering software that can accurately account for the safety of your employees in the event of an emergency.

Emergency SIP panel

Emergency dashboard

Digital Emergency Evacuation Reporting

Emergency SIP panel

Safety information Panel (SIP) updates in real time as personnel enter and leave the facility giving full visibility of personnel onsite at any given time.

  • Awareness to Situation Change
  • Full Visibility on On-site Personnel
  • Dramatic Time Savings
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Emergency dashboard

The emergency dashboard delivers proactive counting capabilities updating personnel, visitors and contractors missing list in real-time.

  • Quickly Identify Problems
  • Dramatic Time Savings
  • Response Readiness
  • Auto-Print of Missing List
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Digital Emergency Evacuation Reporting

Real-time reporting streamlines emergency response times and allows continual monitoring and improvement of emergency response procedures.

  • Accurately pinpoint the location of staff
  • Enhance Facility Management
  • Real-time information for emergency response operation
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TDS Life-Safety provide real-time data through our innovative hardware which ensures that all occupants have vacated a building during an Emergency Evacuation.



See how you can benefit from TDS Life-Safety

  • Real Time On-Site Accountability
  • Optimised Rescue Planning & Management
  • Real-Time Visibility for Emergency Response Teams
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Optimum ON-Site Security
  • Robust Reporting Functionality
  • Enhanced Facility Management
  • Availability of ‘Last Known Location’
  • Accounts for Third Party Individuals
  • Reaffirms your Organisations Commitment to Health & Safety Standards

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