November 28.2016, 10.05am

Safety, Security & Verification on the Go with TDS Mobile!

Roisin McLaughlinBy Roisin McLaughlin

TDS Mobile is an innovative development in security technology by TDS, integrating security and facility management capabilities to your mobile device. This new technology enables core functionality such as access control , visitor management and emergency response to be available across temporary or remote locations, strengthening the flexibility of security and safety procedures to your site.


TDS (Time Data Security) Ltd are a leading provider of integrated security solutions, delivering pioneering access control technology in the form of access control, visitor management and emergency evacuation solutions on a worldwide scale. The dedicated development team operating out of Dublin, the innovative tech hub of Europe, constantly aim to optimise the TDS product offering. This is done in order to provide the best possible product offering in line with the ever-changing industry and emerging technology with TDS Mobile as the latest in innovative product updates.


Through tailoring our solutions to specifically match individual client requirements and industry trends, TDS have the capability to offer technology that intelligently monitors, controls and processes the movement of colleagues, contractors and visitors through an organisation, now available through your Android device.



TDS are using today’s mobile technology to give diverse choice to customers, creating fit for purpose solutions to security

Frank Hart, CEO at Time Data Security (TDS) Ltd



The easy to use handheld device technology combines much of the functionality of our Enterprise Security Management Suite with users being able to swipe their ID cards to gain access or submit attendance, ‘swipe safe’ in an emergency evacuation and it also enables management to access control panels and dashboards to monitor and adjust information. Making these features portable enables security, administrators and management to undergo security tasks from any location, monitor attendance and increase efficiency in emergency situations.


TDS Mobile provides you with the ability to utilise your control panel and user dashboard, directly from your mobile device. This technology strengthens our commitment to providing you with a solidified, reliable and easily accessible system allowing you to complete any necessary security tasks from any location while you are on the go.


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